Titan II LF (Low Floor) by Glaval Bus

Whether it’s a wheelchair passenger, business traveler or an elderly rider, the Titan II LF completely eliminates the need for steps to enter or exit the vehicle. There is also no longer a need for the traditional wheelchair lift. The Titan II LF is offered with either a Braun or Ricon bifold power ramp. This new low floor kneeling bus utilizes the rugged Chevy G4500 Gas chassis platform along with a heavy duty “Purpose-Built” floor structure designed and produced by Spartan Chassis.

One of the most impressive features of the Titan II LF is the 4-corner, self-leveling air-ride suspension with kneeling capability. With the touch of one switch, the complete unit will kneel to achieve a 1:6 ramp slope which exceeds ADA’s current minimum, at the same time providing a level floor surface for all wheelchair positions. The Titan II LF offers true random access for up to 5 wheelchair positions or can seat up to 21 ambulatory passengers. With Glaval’s solid reputation for building a quality product, the Titan II LF is sure to help make life easier!

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Titan II LF Specifications

  • Chassis: GM Cutaway
  • Wheelbase: 159" / 190" / 214"
  • Engine: Gas
  • Exterior Height: 114"
  • Exterior Width: 96"
  • Interior Height: 78" (rear of wheel well) and 82" (front of wheel well)
  • Length: 24' / 26' / 28'
  • GVWR: 14,200 lb
  • Specifications subject to change without notice; GVWR = Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.
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Titan II LF Floorplans

13 Passengers Plus 3 Wheelchairs and Driver
15 Passengers Plus 2 Wheelchairs and Driver
19 Passengers and Driver
8 Passengers Plus 3 Wheelchairs and Driver

Floorplans shown are only few of the designs available. Contact us for more details.

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