Glaval Bus Advantage

Glaval Bus is constructed to a higher standard.

You can rest assure that we use time-tested, quality products in every unit we build. Select a number above to see images taken during the construction process.

  1. Roof insulation is sprayed in. Roof standard is seamless composite; optional upgrade is Glavanneal steel.
  2. Walls and roof are bolted at every wall stud and roof bow rather than welded only.
  3. Optional steel framed emergency hatch.
  4. Vacuum laminated, 1 1/2" dense foam insulation and an exterior skin of Galvanneal steel or optional Filon is installed.
  5. 18 gauge 1 1/2” galvanized square tube steel cage rollbar, side and rear walls.
  6. Undercoating is done in-house by experienced installers to ensure quality.
  7. The floor is mounted to the chassis utilizing a continuous contact hat channel following the chassis frame while still utilizing the factory mounting points.
  8. 5/8" pressure-treated marine grade plywood is mounted over metal floor.
  9. 1/4" isolator rubber is used the full length of the rail, rather than factory "Puck Mounts" for a unified weight load distribution.
  10. Stepwells and wheelwells are galvanized steel.
  11. Standard Flextech technology, cleaning up the electrical system and allowing ease of troubleshooting.
  12. Cove molding radius edges for easier cleaning and maintenance.

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Glaval Customer Service

Service After the Sale

With so many competitors in the market, we understand the importance of service after the sale. When purchasing a Glaval bus, you become part of the Glaval family.

Glaval Bus has employees who can assist with support questions, or ordering parts, should our customers need assistance. Currently we have three technical support technicians, four customer service technicians, four sales coordinators and one transportation specialist available Monday through Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM EST.

Glaval Bus, with the support of our Dealer Partners, also has the ability to make technical personnel available for on-site training and troubleshooting should the need arise. We pride ourselves in working closely with our Dealer Partners and the end customer to ensure a smooth working partnership and resolve any outstanding issues.

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